Operating and growing a small business
I offer small business owners a perfect succession opportunity: we can close a deal quickly and efficiently with a fair valuation for your business. I will create a smooth transition to new ownership with a promise to nurture and sustain your business. My goal is to own, operate and grow a company with a history of strong profitability and future growth potential. I am not interested in financial engineering or quick turnaround profits; instead, I am concerned with setting your small business on the right path for continued success.


I believe strongly in:


  • Sustaining the legacy of your business
  • Helping employees reach their full potential
  • Improving operational efficiency through innovation
  • Global potential of small businesses through sustainable growth

Small businesses are the backbone of the United States' economy.

I look for companies with revenue between $4m and $40m and that have been profitable for at least the last 3 years.

I value recurring customers, strong fundamentals, and minimal cyclicality.

Who I am
Jules Jiménez, Founder | Phone: (857) 263-3691

I am an engineer looking to buy and operate one great company for the long run. I am backed by experienced investors and I care deeply about finding a company that is the right fit for my skills and values. I have a strong track record leading teams and I am extremely passionate about leading a company to maximize profitability and future growth.


Prior to Navalper, I have worked for Volkswagen and I have held a sales position in China, where I interacted with hundreds of customers and suppliers. I grew up in the beautiful city of Valencia, Spain, where I earned my M.S. in Telecommunications Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. I also earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. In order to finance my studies during college, I held a number of jobs and internships that exposed me to different contexts and industries.


The ideal business that I am seeking brings in $4-40 million in sales, has been in business for more than 10 years and has been profitable for at least the last 3 years. Its owner is interested in maintaining the company's culture, values, and legacy through a smooth transition, and is committed to the long-term success of the business.


Entrepreneurship is in my blood. From an early age, I learned how small and medium scale businesses impact communities and the very important role that they play. This is especially evident in my home country, where these types of businesses are the main driver of the economy. In fact, my father - who is also an engineer - has pursued a number of different ventures during his career sparked by the necessity of providing for our large family of nine.


The name, Navalper, comes from the location of the mountain village in Spain where my grandfather used to bring us on vacation to enjoy nature when we were very young. I share many fond memories of time spent there with my family.


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